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Sprinter Quest

Play Together, Win Alone.
Only the fast will survive this Quest.

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Sprinter Quest pits those with the best finger dexterity and tapping speed against one another in a Quest for Speed and Victory. Made for the highly competitive, the strongest, and the best of the best!

Hash tag: #sprinter #bluetooth #multiplayer #offline #running #2player

Race against your friends in Real-Time! It's essential for you to finish the race before your friends. Sprinter Quest is an offline multiplayer game for smart phones and tablets available on Google Play

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Save The Stars Icon

Save The Stars

Play the Hero in this Shmup (Shoot em up) for Android. Take our army of Stars and fight against the Star Thieves in an ongoing war for survival

Save The Stars : Play Store

Save The Stars New Stars

Killer Ant Empire

Killer Ant Empire Icon
Control your colony of Ants and lead them to expansion, growth and survival

Killer Ant Empire Twitter Page
Killer Ant Empire : Google Play

Slow Builder Game

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Our Sandbox project that is built on all the suggestions of our players

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Umz Mini Games

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The number one ranking Bluetooth multiplayer game app on the market

Umz Mini Games : Google Play

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